About our Shop

Our shop was created to provide  independent artists in and around Switzerland with the opportunity to create and express themselves freely, while providing the costumer with security and a smooth order process. We also manage our own Brand which was founded in 2016.

What is Wastedsociety?

We are a community of independent artists based in Switzerland and Germany. Besides our shop we offer many high quality services in the graphic design, photo editing, video editing and DJs/producers segment. With our artists and knowledge we are the ideal partners for event labels, shops and other independent artists.

About us

Wastedsociety was founded by three teenage friends in 2016 with the objective of letting independent artists work together in an agile way while utilizing corporate infrastructure. We invested 6 years in creating a network and developing an environment wich provides our artists with all the infrastructure they need. We select our artists carefully and let our artists express themselves while also representing us as one label.

Our Main Website

Visit our main page to see more details about our services. You can also visit us on Instagram (@wastedsociety.ch)

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